3 Simple Ways to Present Yourself as A Quality Dating Prospect

If you want a high-value partner, first, act like one.

Ellen Nguyen
3 min readSep 22, 2022


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High-value people find each other.

Being attractive and rich doesn’t automatically make you a high-value partner to someone.

High quality and value people don’t choose a partner just based on looks and money — there are other factors that are more essential.

High value is an indicator of your core and how that core manifests in all other areas of your life. It’s reflected in your character and how you treat and carry yourself. It’s about your interactions with the world and the people around you.

High value isn’t just an impression you make — it’s a way of life. When you have standards for yourself, you will feel the control you have over yourself and see clearly who doesn’t meet your standards. When meeting you, people will naturally self-select themselves and those who are similar to you will be drawn to you.

To be a high-value partner and present yourself as a quality dating prospect, make sure you have these 3 things:

1. Principles

Having principles means having beliefs (or rules) that guide you and keep you grounded. It shows integrity and reliability. It signals trustworthiness. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. You’re not easily tempted. You don’t get carried away. You don’t give in to distractions and pressure. You have an inner compass that does right by you and serves your benefits.

You take a stance on issues that are important to you. You trust your judgment. You can tell what is good or bad. You stand for what is good. You keep promises to yourself. You’re not afraid to call out bullshit and nonsense. People might not agree with you, but they will respect you and they won’t mess you around because they can’t — your principles won’t let them.

2. Boundaries

People with boundaries are the people who love and respect themselves, and they know how to take care of themselves.

If you have strong boundaries, you don’t actually scare people away — not the right people anyway. It will make them feel safe to be around…



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