Ellen Nguyen
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If you’re interested to know how to undo the conditioning of patriarchy when dating as a woman, I can help!

I’m helping 16 women in my course.

And I’d love to have you in my Empowered Dating community too!

It’s official! I launched my mindset and strategy course Empowered Dating today. The course is now live.



I used to have severe anxiety when it came to dating. Meeting new people, waiting for text messages, confirming plans, not knowing where the relationship is going could hurt me physically.

Dating wasn’t fun. Dating was a constant battle of fighting all my ugly thoughts about myself, all my doubts…

Photo by Paco Vaca on Unsplash

There are many, many ways I can tell my fiance loves me, but when we were dating, I remember a few distinct moments when I felt loved and I knew I wasn’t alone.

One time, I felt anxious. It was a few months in. I didn’t know how to explain…

Ellen Nguyen

Dating Course https://learn.ellennguyen.com | Psychology BSc. Editor of LovefulMind.com, empowering women.

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