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Ellen Nguyen
I met Matthew Hussey at a live event in 2018

One of my most popular articles is about the dating approach that will get you a quality, long-lasting relationship.

It definitely worked for me. At the time of publishing that article, I was in a healthy, happy relationship, reflecting on the steps I took to get there. A few months…

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If you’re new here, hi, my name is Ellen Nguyen.

I write about relationships, personal growth, anxious attachment dating, and feminism.

Here are a few things readers have said about my writing:

“Insightful wisdom and practical advice”

“Say it like it is” / “clear and concise”

Your book helped me to get through a complicated breakup.”

“You have an interesting and…

Download my FREE 5-step intentional dating approach that will get you a quality, long-lasting relationship

I’ve read countless stories of people who say they want a relationship yet have no idea what they’re actually looking for in a partner, or people who say they need one thing yet stick around…

I used to have severe anxiety when it came to dating. Meeting new people, waiting for text messages, confirming plans, not knowing where the relationship is going could hurt me physically.

Dating wasn’t fun. Dating was a constant battle of fighting all my ugly thoughts about myself, all my doubts…

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Modern dating can be tricky.

One minute, you’re all hot and bothered, and the next, they’re missing in action like a complete stranger.

If you’re inexperienced with dating, you’ll be left with endless questions and overwhelming anxiety. You’ll spend days and nights googling why they did what they did and…

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Look, high and low are subjective.

When people tell you your standards are too high, it means that either they can’t meet them or they haven’t met anyone who has met them. It’s the reality for them, not necessarily for you.

Your standards are too high, for whom? Clearly not…

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A Harvard Business Review article advised women to find a spouse who supports their career or stay single, and now, after running my own business for 2 months, I have to agree big time.

But I didn’t always understand why. I didn’t even think my career was important enough.


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I forgot that Messenger had a ‘message requests’ area.

Today, I clicked on it and saw new messages from two guys with whom I had gone on one or two dates.

They wouldn’t stop messaging me, and it’s been a few years like this. …

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

Sometimes people leave you, not because they don’t want you, but because they want to punish themselves.

They’re feeling shitty about themselves. Their life seems to fall apart. It doesn’t align with being loved; it works better with being alone. So they push you away to fulfill that narrative of…

Ellen Nguyen

FREE | Psychology BSc. Editor of Tingly Mind, empowering women.

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