I can see why you jump on the defence for the 40s. I’m just going to say this I’m not writing to please every group. I’m not writing to prove that I’m right and everyone has to listen to me. I’m writing for the people who have the same values and principles as I am. And they can tell those from my other work and my line of thinking in this article. At the end of the day people do what they want. Personally I see there are so many muddy moral grounds in society, there’s little value in being morally ambiguous (though this is not even a moral issue, I have provided my reasons). I think for women and my younger readers, I provide an argument for them to consider. You said it yourself you wouldn’t want your daughter to do so, your peers wouldn’t do so, there’s a reason for that. Most things (if not all) in life are not black and white, if everyone has no stance, society would collapse.

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Writer, author, content creator. Editor of Tingly Mind, empowering life and relationship advice for women. Check me out: https://linktr.ee/ellennguyen

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