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If you’re new here, hi, my name is Ellen Nguyen.

I write about relationships, personal growth, anxious attachment dating, and feminism.

Here are a few things readers have said about my writing:

“Insightful wisdom and practical advice”

“Say it like it is” / “clear and concise”

Your book helped me to get through a complicated breakup.”

“You have an interesting and different way of looking at things — refreshing”

“direct and unpretentious style”

“insightful and uplifting”

I’ve been active on Medium for almost a year now and have proudly built my following to over 6.5K readers from all over the world. I’m also running a Medium pub with almost 3K followers and dozens of talented writers.

Let me tell you — I really love creating content and helping people step into their whole selves and lead the lives they love, which often includes finding a quality, long-lasting romantic relationship.

My plan is to turn this into a thriving career while giving back everything that I learn in life and in business.

So my next step would be to find the right audiences.

Not people who read anything that shows up on their Medium feed, not people who read one of my articles and don’t remember who I am, but people who could really see themselves in my content and apply my insights and advice to their lives to make real changes.

Don’t worry, I’m not quitting Medium. I’ll still publish articles on Medium and help writers who want to contribute to my pub, but I want to produce fresh, regular, and exclusive content for my subscribed readers.

This way, I’ll be able to get to know you better and give you exactly what you want from me through instant feedback. You’ll be the first (or even the only) to know about any offers I have available — for example, coaching, books, or courses.

If you don’t want to sign up for any reason, you can still access most of my content on my Medium page, Tingly Mind website, and my Youtube. But I know you don’t want to miss out 😉

I really hope you’ll join me on this journey and I’ll see you in your inbox!

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Dating Course https://learn.ellennguyen.com | Psychology BSc. Editor of LovefulMind.com, empowering women.

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Ellen Nguyen

Ellen Nguyen

Dating Course https://learn.ellennguyen.com | Psychology BSc. Editor of LovefulMind.com, empowering women.

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