This definitely rubs me the wrong way. You must think so highly of yourself that you equate your perspectives to "only what's right and what's wrong." And of course you bring up Batman and Spiderman, the superheroes to make a comparison. Or you must be super naive to think that your arguments / ideas/ opinions aren't influenced by who you are and where you come from. As a writer, I thought you would know when you write a story, an important question is "Why you?" Why are you the best person to write this story? Your identity matters. An idea needs context, an idea taken out of context can be very misleading. Your skin colour, nationality, level of privilege all play a part of your perspectives, how are you going to rid of them? Even if you don't disclose who you are, your Whiteness and maleness will eventually show up in different ways. Have you read Invisible Women? Do you know how many things we think are default is actually just geared towards men? I wouldn't even know if someone hadn't pointed out to me, it's so ingrained like that. In this world we're living in now, you'd do more good by showing up as who you are, with every part of your identity, than hiding it and trying to be universal (which ironically is just so male.) Welp, this really makes me lose respect for you. You're just in the Philippines for a minute (which is completely your choice) and you're feeling the heat, think about all the minorities who were born in a Western country (not their choice) and face this kind of singling out all the time. Does this bug you to have your opinions disregarded because of who you are and where you come from? Right, many other people have their whole existence disregarded because of who they are and where they come from and they’re right in their home country. Talk about privilege. Oh wait, you don’t want to acknowledge it, you want to use a pen name.

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