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I wish someone had told me back then all the things I know now.

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As Medium is becoming more relational, I thought I would write a post to introduce myself properly to all my Medium friends — old and new — so you know exactly what to expect when you come to my Medium home and excitedly click that “Follow” button.

About Me

I’m a writer and self-help author who is passionate about helping people understand themselves better and create a life they love.

I have a deep interest in the psychology of self, relationships, mental health, and personal development. My articles, outside of Medium, have appeared on HuffPost UK, Thought Catalog, Cosmopolitan UK, Yahoo UK!, Mamamia, and more.

Early Background & Education

I was born in Northern Vietnam and moved to the UK at the age of 17.

During my A-level (pre-university), I explored different subjects including Maths, Economics, and Psychology — all with great potential. In the end, I decided that I’d pursue Psychology as it fascinated me endlessly and came to me most naturally. Luckily, my Asian family trusted me enough that they let me follow this peculiar path to most Vietnamese people at the time.

As of now, I hold a BSc degree in Experimental Psychology. It’s accredited by the British Psychological Society, which means I could obtain higher education and train to be a psychologist later.


During my second year at university, I started to look for internships, aiming to work for a big enough corporation that would sponsor my visa after graduation. This would ensure that my family wouldn’t be worried about me studying Psychology instead of Economics.

With great effort, I secured a full-time job at a big bank in London. My specialty is Digital Marketing, though I have done a variety of professional roles in Product and Finance. I’d say I have both an eye for design and a mind for numbers.

Alongside with the corporate life, I have a writing career, as you might have guessed.

Here’s a brief timeline:

Outside of Digital banking and writing, I enjoy reading smart-thinking books and making videos. I used to go viral in Vietnam with videos about social issues and, as a result, appear in national newspapers. Last year, I tried Improv as part of my soul-searching journey. I ended up doing a live show on stage with the loveliest group — the experience was a massive joy.

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Personal Life

My upbringing was fairly unusual compared to other Vietnamese kids.

My parents were business owners who went through many ups and downs that shaped up my emotionally turbulent childhood. They sent my two sisters to our grandparents when they were as young as two, and my turn came when I was around ten.

My parents weren’t the most attentive in my early years, but one thing they did remarkably well was our education. In Vietnam, we attended the best schools and attended top classes. Later, my eldest sister and I were given the opportunities to pursue higher education in the UK both at the age of 17.

Having the same starting point, though at different times, with my sister, I used to use her as a role model because she’s a brilliant woman in many ways, but as I got to know myself better, I recognised our differences and had no choice but to step into the unknown and write my own story.

Between the age of 17 and 25, I had many relationship experiences that challenged my perception of myself and of the world as I knew it — sometimes excruciatingly so. I’ve also overcome many psychological issues, such as relationship trauma and anxious attachment, after a year in therapy and intensive self-work, which was unbelievably transformative.

These experiences have helped define me as a person and a writer and been channeled into my writing as inspiring stories and no bullshit advice.

Why You Should Follow Me

My style of writing is a blend of deep empathy and rational thinking with a strong conviction. I draw insights from research and my own experiences. I take the best from Eastern and Western cultures.

These days, I write for the good men and women with honourable values and kind hearts — especially young women — as I wish someone had told me back then all the things I know now, someone had shown me that it’s okay to be emotional, empathetic, and soft, and I can be successful and happy while being truly, authentically me.

Let’s Connect

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Writer, author, content creator. Editor of Tingly Mind, empowering life and relationship advice for women. Check me out: https://linktr.ee/ellennguyen

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