Women are Warned Against Getting Married. Here’s Why I’m Doing It Anyway.

I can list a few benefits.

Ellen Nguyen


Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Many studies have shown that men benefit a lot from marriage: higher earnings, better health, plenty of emotional support, and regular sex.

Meanwhile, for women, it’s debatable as, on average, women still shoulder more emotional labour, housework, and lose earnings when they’re pregnant and care for babies. Women also face a higher risk of repeated abuse and domestic violence compared to men.

There are plenty of caution tales out there to warn women against marriage. Heck, I’ve written about it before.

Yet, I still decided to get married.


I know why.

Don’t get me wrong —I was looking for a serious relationship, but it was never the be-all and end-all. I’d actually reconciled with being single forever.

But then I met my partner, and getting married became such a natural thing to do.

Let me give you a few reasons.

I love and need full-on commitment.

Marriage, to my partner and me, represents the highest level of commitment. It’s the natural next step for us after being in a relationship and loving…



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