Before this year, I never felt like a ‘normal’ person. I was anxiously attached. I was ashamed of myself. In truth, I was scared of myself — the raw, rough parts of me. My emotions controlled me.

For complex reasons, I met and chose people who didn’t and couldn’t appreciate me. They lacked empathy and emotional depth — they made me feel even more misunderstood and less normal. I was miserable. I was in pain every day.

But then everything changed. I’ve never been happier now.

You know why? Because, at one point along the way, I decided so. It’s that simple.

I often thought of my twenties as a car ride.

For a long time, I kept exploring random roads and wanted to see where it took me. Those strange roads were bumpy and dangerous. Now and then, I got into accidents. One day, the crash was so horrific that I had to take a hard look at my choices. “What if it was too late to turn around?”, the thought startled me. I realised the bruises weren’t worth it. I’d learned what I needed to learn and I’d found the missing pieces of me, often right in the boot of my car.

So I turned around.

I reclaimed my power. I stopped leaving my future to chances. I took the matters into my own hands. I got myself back on track. I drove straight this time.

My healing journey wasn’t easy — it was lonely and uncertain but, from the start I knew, the hardest part had been done. And it was to believe in myself and give me a real chance to be the best version of me.

Do you believe you can be the best version of yourself? Will you allow yourself to be?

I’m 26. You might be younger or older than me. It really doesn’t matter.

In the now, we’re all the same. This present is all that we’ve got. So either you do or you don’t — it’s the hardest part, but it’s really that simple.

I hope you know you’re powerful.

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