4 Ways I Make My Husband Feel Loved Daily, According to My Husband

“You’re always with me.”

Ellen Nguyen


My husband and me at our wedding

My husband is very attentive. He meets my needs across all love languages, and I feel very happy and fulfilled in our relationship every day.

In return, I’ve become excellent at making him happy. I know what he wants and needs, and I make sure he feels loved and cared for.

How do I do that? Well, I asked him, and here are his answers (aka 4 signs a woman is in love with you):

1. “You’re always with me.”

From very early on in our relationship, my husband wanted to spend lots of time together.

He asked to meet me frequently, and he started to call me during lunch breaks. I wasn’t used to this at first as most guys I knew were afraid of closeness. But I was receptive to him because I had good feelings about him and I enjoyed being around him.

It also made me quickly realise he showed love through receiving and giving attention, and I wanted that too.

Now, as husband and wife, we’re inseparable. I always make him my priority and I spend most of my free time with him.

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Ellen Nguyen

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